Wooden chest small

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Small wooden chests play to their full potential as gift wrapping or jewelry box. Small wooden chests are also very suitable for smoking accessories. So the living room table always stays nicely tidy. As a gift packaging, small wooden boxes ensure a lasting good impression. Small wooden boxes can be used after the gift has been handed over. Small wooden boxes are available with individual decorations. The recipient will always remember that moment. Many different things can be stored in small wooden boxes: money, jewellery, cards, cash receipts or smoking accessories.

Small wooden chests: A wonderful product

Wood is a very grateful and easy-to-process material. It can be easily and individually decorated and labeled. Give your apartment a special touch. Instead of packing everything loosely into drawers, sort your belongings and small wooden boxes. So the search has an end forever.

Truhe, 16,5x11x8,55 cm, Kaiserbaum, 1 Stck.
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