Storage box made of wood

Wooden storage boxes are a durable and sustainable storage facility for your treasures. There are storage boxes in all variants and sizes. No matter what you are looking for, you will find the right wooden storage box for every environment

Zeller 13333 Ordnungsbox 30 x 15 x 7 cm, Bamboo
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Really Use Box 16x0.14ORG01 16er Aufbewahrungsbox, je 0,14 Liter
Price: € 16.27 Jetzt auf Amazon kaufen*
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Leitz Click & Store Aufbewahrungs- und Transportbox, A4, schwarz, 60440095
Price: € 10.99 Jetzt auf Amazon kaufen*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping
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Wooden storage box: A question of style

In contrast to a kunsstoff box, a storage box made of wood ensures for a cozy atmosphere. Kunsstoff sways cold, beautiful wood Heat. A wooden storage box can be used everywhere. On the balcony and also in the living room. Even in the basement is a box made of wood a real eye-catcher. If the storage box has a lid, you can these are even used as a chest bench. As you can see, the possibilities of using wooden backing boxes are almost unlimited.

Wooden box: Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming more and more important for most people. Wooden boxes from sustainable cultivation protect the environment and rot quickly. They do not swim long in the ocean, nor can they be found after 50 years in the earth. Pay attention to the FSC logo