Buy disposable cutlery made of wood cheaply

Disposable cutlery is the real hit when discussing all the plastic waste. If you want to save on rinsing, but still want to celebrate sustainably, then you should buy disposable cutlery made of wood. It can be simply thrown into the grill after the party or rots quickly on the dump. Disposable cutlery made of wood is also available with lacquer coating. There are real forks and knives that are loose for an evening. If you use disposable cutlery made of wood, your friends will look amazed and praise your sustainable attitude. Become a trendsetter with disposable cutlery made of wood.

Disposable cutlery made of wood: Sustainable and fully on trend

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Disposable cutlery made of wood is a must for any party or event. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our society. Once a wooden fork ends up in the bushes, it rots within a few weeks. Do something good and forgo plastics.

SFC Certificate

If you buy SFC-certified cutlery made of wood, you can be sure that the wood comes from sustainable forestry. Pay attention to the SFC logo when shopping.